ACC policy on the use of herbicides to control invasive and noxious plants


Revision Date: July 12, 2023

The Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC) is charged with the management and protection of conservation properties in the town for the public benefit. Among the challenges faced by ACC is the control of invasive and noxious plants that threaten biodiversity in natural habitats.


It is ACC’s policy to use effective means of integrated vegetation management that follow accepted best management practices and comply with regulatory requirements. This may include a variety of techniques, including the combination of mechanical and herbicidal treatments where necessary given the characteristics of the sites and species requiring management.


Recognizing that some citizens may have concerns about the use of herbicides regardless of regulatory compliance and good practices in their application, ACC will:


1)     Post information on the ACC website including a map of known areas requiring invasive plant treatments, a schedule and explanation of planned treatments, and the types of herbicides planned for use.


2)     Post a notification at any property where herbicide application is planned, no less than 7 days prior to application and to remain at the site for no less than 5 days after application. The posting will include the following:

a.     Date of herbicide application

b.     Information on the reason for its use

c.     Re-entry recommendations after application

d.     QR code for ACC website page with additional information (e.g., product label, SDS, other)

e.     ACC contact information


3)     In the case that an abutter contacts ACC with concerns, engage with that individual and explain the rationale for controlling the invasive plants and the methods. After discussion with the abutter and if appropriate, ACC may elect to change the planned treatment.


4)     Continue to stay abreast of developments in invasive plant management, including alternatives to herbicides, and experiment with new methods that are supported by reasonable expert opinion, as appropriate and feasible.


ACC may re-visit this policy periodically to ensure that it fulfills the objective of effective and safe invasive and noxious plant species management on the town’s conservation properties.