Alternate Commissioner Needed
Administrative · 09. August 2021
The Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC) is seeking to fill a current vacancy for Alternate Commissioner.

Planting Elm Trees
Acts of Green · 08. July 2021
Two years ago, with the support of the Amherst Conservation Commission two ‘Princeton’ elms were planted on the common, and this year, two ‘Valley Forge’ elms were planted, one in Meadow View Cemetery, and one at Buck Meadow. The ACC will study the growth of these disease resistant Elms, and if successful, may plant additional Elms to replace those lost over time to disease.

Supporting Healthy Ecosystems in Amherst
Acts of Green · 26. June 2021
Keeping Amherst’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems healthy cannot be done by the ACC alone; it takes interested citizens to do their part: There are a lot of ways residents can help.

Thank you Amherst -- Article 22!
Administrative · 14. June 2021
On behalf of the Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC), I would like to thank all of you who voted on June 8th in favor of acquiring additional open space here in Amherst.

Open space warrant article
Administrative · 28. May 2021
The ACC is proposing a warrant article to raise $6 million for the acquisition of open space. The goal is to conserve open space, protect water resources, and preserve the rural character of Amherst.

Bears, Birds and Bees - What Does a Changing Climate Mean to the Wildlife in NH
Acts of Green · 27. May 2021
The rapid rate of change observed in our climate is already affecting plants and wildlife, including bears, in New Hampshire.

Amherst Clean Up Day
Administrative · 15. May 2021
Amherst's town-wide cleanup day is approaching -- May 15. Grab a trash bag, gloves, and friends and family, and then walk a section of road and collect as much litter as you can. Trash collection centers will be located around town. Let's make Amherst beautiful!

Bird Watching at Buck Meadow
Bird Watching · 15. May 2021
As an early step in the ACC's effort to engage our residents in learning about, and monitoring, the wildlife to be found at Buck Meadow, we will be sponsoring guided bird walks for small groups on May 15th. Click 'read more' to learn more and to access the sign up sheet.

Celebrating Earth Day 2021
Acts of Green · 30. March 2021
Earth Day is 51 years old on April 22, 2021. It began in 1970, during an era of civic action when concerned citizens from all walks of life held environmental teach- ins. Around the USA, people gathered to learn the facts about environmental degradation happening across the country. Today, we might not call the actions teach-ins, however, individuals, governments and non-profit organizations around the world are planning their own activities for Earth Day. The Amherst Conservation Commission (AC

New Bridge in Joe English
Trails · 16. January 2021
Joe English has a major new bridge! The new truss bridge replaces the king post bridge on Ledge Trail near the beaver pond. Thanks to volunteer Jeff Mazur for designing and building the bridge, and a bevy of volunteers from the mountain biking community that hoisted it into place and completed the installation.